My Story

I obtained my Associate degree in Computer Secretarial and commenced my professional career in the field of construction at the age of 19. Over the course of approximately five years, I initially assumed the role of a checker and subsequently made a seamless transition to the position of Project Coordinator within a year.

In pursuit of diversifying my professional experiences, I made the strategic decision to resign from my role. After a brief interval, I secured a position with an international Employment Agency, where I actively participated in conducting preliminary interviews, maintained extensive client coordination, and facilitated the deployment of applicants to overseas destinations.

Amidst the onset of the global pandemic, I undertook the deliberate search for remote employment opportunities and successfully secured a position as a Virtual Assistant in 2019. My initial client engagement commenced in Australia, marking the beginning of my tenure in this role.

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I am dedicated and results-oriented General Virtual Assistant with over three years of hands-on experience providing comprehensive administrative support to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Proficient in managing diverse administrative tasks and leveraging organizational skills to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

I offer a unique blend of administrative competence and search engine optimization proficiency to streamline your business operations and enhance your digital footprint.

Specializing in optimizing your online presence through on-page and off-page SEO strategies. My expertise includes in-depth keyword research, content strategy, and implementation to elevate your search rankings and drive organic traffic to your site

Meet My Family

I have been in a joyful and fulfilling marriage for the past decade and am a proud mother of two lovely daughters. My family serves as a constant source of inspiration and motivation in my life.

My Family
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